About the Body Sense Day SPA Gift Card

Body Sense Day SPA Gift Car/Certificate is issued by Body Sense Day SPA and Clinic (“BSDS” or “We”). The following Body Sense Day SPA Gift Car/Certificate Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase and use of Gift Car/Certificate and constitute an agreement (the “Agreement”). The actual or attempted purchase or use of a Gift Card/Certificate constitutes acceptance of this Agreement, as well as our Privacy Policy.

The BSDS Gift Card/Certificate currently comes in two forms: (i) a physical Certificate; and (ii) an electronically-transmitted eGift Card/Certificate. In this Agreement, the term “Body Sense Day SPA Gift Card/Certificate” refers to both the physical version of the Card/Certificate and the eGift Card/Certificate, except where indicated otherwise.

Note: This Agreement includes a binding arbitration provision, a class action and jury trial waiver, and limitations on liability and damages.


Purchasing a BSDS Gift Card/Certificate

Both the physical BSDS Gift Card/Certificate and eGift Card/Certificate may be purchased at Body Sense Day SPA and Clinic, or online at bodysenserv.com, or by calling 1- (540) 759 – 8229. 


Use of BSDS Gift CARD/Certificate

The BSDS Gift Card/Certificate is usable up to its balance only to purchase services at Body Sense Day SPA. The Card/Certificate must be presented upon arrival.

The balance on a BSDS Gift Card/Certificate may not be transferred to another BSDS Gift Card/Certificate. The Certificate may not be used to buy additional Certificates, and is not redeemable for cash.

The Card/Certificate also may not be resold without the prior consent of Body Sense Day SPA and Clinic. The Card/Certificate is un-reloadable, not a credit or debit card, and no credit card, overdraft protection, deposit account, or depository insurance is associated with it.


Expiration / Fees

The BSDS Gift Card/Certificate prepaid dollar value balance is good for one year since the date you purchase.



Please call our customer service at 1- (540) 759 – 8229 to check your balance. 


Coupon Code & Gift Card/Certificate Code

Your Gift Card/Certificate has a unique Gift Card Code associated with it. The code is used to help identify you when connecting by telephone with customer service representatives.


Unauthorized Transactions / Replacement of Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Card/Certificates

You are responsible for all transactions associated with your BSDS Gift Card/Certificate, whether authorized or unauthorized. You should, therefore, safeguard your Card/Certificate.

If you have unused a BSDS Gift Card/Certificate and it is subsequently lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise rendered non-functional, or if you believe that someone has copied your BSDS Gift Card/Certificate, contact our customer service representatives with proof of purchase of your Card/Certificate. We will freeze the remaining unused balance on your Card/Certificate as of the time the form is processed, and we will then issue a replacement eGift Card/Certificate within 15 business days thereafter.

BSDS Gift Card/Certificate which have been lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise rendered non-functional will be replaced only if the Card was previously registered and proof of purchase is provided.

We are not responsible for any unauthorized use of your Card/Certificate before your balance is frozen. If you submit a proper request for replacement, a new eGift Card/Certificate will be issued to you in the amount remaining at the time your balance was frozen. 



We reserve the right to refuse to accept or otherwise limit the use of any BSDS Gift Card/Certificate if we reasonably believe the use is unauthorized or unlawful.


Effective Date / Changes to Terms and Conditions

These BSDS Gift Card/Certificate Terms and Conditions are effective upon publication on this website. You should not use your Certificate if you object to this Agreement. Use of the Card/Certificate constitutes acceptance of this Agreement.

We reserve the right to modify or terminate the BSDS Gift Card/Certificate Terms and Conditions at any time, by posting notice of such modifications on this website.